When to Call a Heating Contractor to Service Your Home's Furnace


If your home's furnace doesn't work at all and you've checked to ensure that the pilot light is working or your electric furnace is plugged in and getting power, then of course you need to call a heating contractor. However, there may be times when your home's furnace needs servicing and repairs, and you may not realize that something is wrong or may not realize that the problem is very serious. If you're a homeowner, be sure you note these considerations so you know when your furnace should be serviced and maintained.

1. When the pilot light changes color

With gas furnaces, the pilot light should always be a strong blue color. This signals a good mix of the gasses needed to heat the air that is forced through the furnace. However, if there are gasses that are getting into that mixture or if there is dirt and debris in the ignition area, the pilot light might seem faded or it may turn a yellow color. In some cases the gasses that are present can be dangerous and unhealthy, so you want to get this checked by a contractor as soon as possible.

2. When there are obvious banging sounds from inside the furnace

When air is forced through the ductwork of your home, you may hear some slight banging or clunking as the ductwork comes loose from connectors over time. However, banging from inside the furnace can mean that the motor or blower has a loose part including bearings and other pieces that can cause damage if they're not repaired. There may also be debris inside the furnace that can damage the parts. Don't ignore this or assume it's just due to the age of your furnace, and have it checked as soon as possible.

3. When there is a burning smell 

Dust and debris inside the ductwork of your home can get singed when you turn on the furnace and this can cause a burning smell, but you might also notice this smell if there are problems with the wiring of the furnace. If your furnace is demanding more power than your home's wiring can provide, those wires may become frayed and bare and in turn, you might smell electricity coming into contact with building materials behind the walls. When wires short out, they can also cause sparks and this too can mean a burning smell. These can lead to an electrical fire in the home, so have this checked by a heating contractor as soon as you notice the smell.


16 October 2015

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It's amazing how many more sales we make when the aircon is optimised. Our staff work much more efficiently when the air-conditioning is set to a comfortable level. Sometimes the air conditioning breaks down, but I find that if we get it serviced regularly it's much more reliable year round. This blog is all about the office air conditioning and how to make sure it works perfectly all around the office. There is no point having half the office comfortable and the other half boiling or freezing all the time. We all need to keep our staff focussed and happy to make sure their performance is maximised.